On the road for your success – since 1986

With more than 21,000 inhabitants, Kreuzlingen is the biggest city on the Swiss side of Lake Constance. Together with the neighbouring German city of Konstanz and the nearby communities, it forms a major agglomeration on one of the most important border crossings along the Rhine.

This is where Relatra AG was founded, with one employee, in 1986. A few months after its establishment, two former customs officers joined – one of them was Marcel Fässler, who managed the fortunes of the company, which grew considerably in the meantime, with great success for many decades.

Since 1998, Relatra AG has the status at the Weinfelden location as an Authorised Consignee and Consignor, and only two years later the Kreuzlingen/Konstanz municipal customs office was inaugurated and the company developed into one of the most important customs clearance service providers.

Since 2017, Relatra AG has belonged to the Swiss Post, which builds on our individual strengths – PostLogistics and Relatra, a combination that works.

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